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Sometimes in life we just need a family portrait.  As a mom, I fully recognize the gift giving potential of family portraits ~ with family far and wide and no one who really needs more stuff ~ updated photos always are a crowd pleaser! And while traditional portraits are exceptional opportunities for a one-in-a-lifetime experience…sometimes we just don’t need ALL that. And so here you have an option for a professional photographer trained in body conscious posing who will search through every image of your session selecting only the best and hand edit them for you. Despite my love for my daily iPhone photos ~ this is definitely an annual step-up thats worth every penny.

These session are short & sweet and typically last no more than 20 minutes.  As spring weather is a fickle beast - these sessions will be done in my home studio located in Haymarket, VA.

Ages - these sessions are for up to 3 children; ages ‘sitter’ and up (i.e. babies that can not sit by themselves must be with an older sibling that is capable of holding them without assistance)

Weekend Dates Available:

February 24

March 9

March 16

Email me for sessions M-F between 9am - 3pm

From your session, you will receive 5 high resolution images delivered digitally and then a matching set of 5x5 luscious square prints because I believe in actually having printed photos in your home. Even if they’re just in a box to look through on a snuggly & rainy weekend.

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