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Are you tempted to invest in your lil business and looking for a new logo?  Or perhaps you have a logo but all of your attempts to use it and create business cards, information sheets, and labels have been... less than the amazingness your business deserves?  Let Jenn help get you to the next level of professional business branding. 

Stock Logo or Custom Design Logo?

Lets look below to see what you want & where your budget is and then we’ll see if it aligns with what Jenn has to offer.

Stock Logo

A stock logo is a logo off the shelf. Jenn has a few of these in her etsy shop. These are your lowest price point images and will typically be under $100. They are designs made on quiet afternoons for no one in particular utilizing stock images. These are pretty standard and can be sold to as many people as there are ones that want to purchase them.

Custom designed logo

A custom designed logo is at the far other end of the spectrum and typically costs begin around $2,000-$3,000. These images are hand drawn or digitally rendered for you and you alone. No one will ever have the exact same logo as you. These can take months to develop and are for companies on the move!

Semi-Custom Designed Logo

Somewhere comfortably in the middle is a semi-custom designed logo. As you can see, my price starts at $450. From this I utilize stock images, fonts, hand drawings, personal digital images to create a logo that is specifically for you. While I can’t promise that every element in your logo will be unique to you ~ the overall design most definitely will be. And yes, all stock images & fonts are purchase with commercial usage rights. This is even what I use for myself!

logo Design: $450

  • Initial consultation (in person or via skype)

  • 4 different interpretations of our ideas

  • 2 deep dives (font swap, formatting, etc)

  • Final presentation includes:

    • png & jpeg files

    • black & white representation

    • color & font sheet

    • watermark png file

    • button elements (if applicable)

    • facebook cover photo & profile image

    • * Additional revisions available @$60/hr billed hourly.

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Plant your own garden $550     

  • Logo design

  • Business card design

  • 2 Postcard or Bookmark or Label Designs

Little Wind Chimes $200

  • Business card design

  • 1 Postcard or Bookmark or Label Designs



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