First off - thanks again for coming to the maker workshop!  I love making soap and i especially love sharing it with others.  I really have this love for old time crafting that most people see as completely obsolete.  However, much like baking a pie from scratch, there's a sense of peace & pride when you make something awesome and see others using and enjoying it.  

Alas, I digress.  you're not here to hear me wax hipster poetic.  you want the details!  And so below I have done my best to use my notes,  memory and slight intuition (as i wasn't hovering for every bar made) as to the specific additives we used in creation of the bars you now have in your possession.  

loyalhanna kitchen

  • litsea cueba
  • lemon
  • 2 T poppyseeds in trace and as topper
  • annato seed in lye water; strained into oils when ready


Gardeners Delight 

  • lemon
  • lemongrass
  • cedarwood
  • few tbsp alkanet root powder in olive oil into trace liquid
  • hibiscus flower topper


Morning Frost

  • camphor
  • benzoin (vanilla like)
  • cedarwood
  • annato seed powder mixed at trace with 1/3 ; 2/3 plain
  • french green clay added to the plain portion and layered
  • salt topper



  • Lavender essential oil
  • lavender flowers to top
  • alkanet root powder in oil mixture 


Fawn Lane

  • Cedarwood EO
  • Benzoin EO
  • Patchoili EO
  • Coffee as water for lye solution



  • Eucaplytus EO
  • Camphor EO
  • Pine EO
  • add french green clay to 2/3 of mixture at trace
  • layer in mold



  • Lemongrass EO
  • 1T Alkanet root powder in olive oil into trace  



  • Cinnamon decoction as water with lye
  • 1-2T Oatmeal blitzed & as topper
  • 1T Cinnamon chips in spice grinder, pulsed
  • Natural color from cinnamon 


Mountain Pine

  • Pine EO (2/3)
  • Patchouli EO (1/3)
  • Natural Indigo for color
  • only VEGAN soap


Winter Solstice Soap

found at Humblebee & Me, regrettably we weren't able to get the 'stars' to work out. 


Low Tide

found at Humblebee & Me.


And now, more information than you'll ever really need unless you want to recreate this in your own home!  

Nerdy Notes:

  • Gardener's Delight was the one that got "glumly".  I don't know how/why this happened, though i believe it 100% usable ~ it could use another month or so to harden. 
  • Annato powder when added to the lye water was a more consistent gold color (lyalhanna kitchen) vs when added in at trace directly as a powder (Morning Frost). When added in at trace, though the color dispersed, there are still some dots of coloration. 
  • Alkanet root powder when added to the oils turned the soap a beautiful pale green (despite its red color) when added after trace it was it's presumed pink.  i (heart) science.  

general stuff needed:

  • crockpot (or double boiler)
  • rubber spatula 
  • fragrance 
  • 2 digital read thermometers 
  • small plastic container (toss-able like an old yogurt container
  • medium size plastic bowl 
  • immersion blender 
  • digital scale
  • large heavy duty spoon for scooping hard oils 
  • table cover (i've actually ruined the finish on my table making soap without one sooooo) 
  • soap mold (my wooden ones are for sale $15 or there are lots online, and some folks even use old milk cartons!)
  • Base Recipe: scented hand bar

  • Olive oil -21.74%
  • Coconut oil 76 -21.74%
  • Lard -13.04% 
  • Tallow -13.04%
  • Avocado oil -13.04%
  • Shea butter -13.04%
  • Caster oil -13.04%

Base Recipe: laundry bar

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