Art Workshops with Jenn

Do you have a moms group or a homeschool crew that is adventurous and interested in learning about the fiber arts? Or a super crafty child that is looking for a unique and awesome birthday party?!?  Are you hesitant to organize an event because you just don't know where to begin? I mean there are a TON of choices.  Let me help!  I LOVE to share what i've learned over the years and create with others.  For years I hosted events for my moms group (Holistic Moms Network of Northern Virginia).  We had so much fun introducing needle felting, wet felting, making dryer balls with little hands, we had many (many)  tie dye days.  

To host an event is super easy!  Just provide the space & have 5 interested participants. Thats it.  No upfront costs, no hassle.  I come to you.   Each workshop is $50 per participant and includes everything you need.  If you don't have the space - no worries.  I have a party space for you for an additional $50.  If you get 9 registered participants - the host is free or you can gift it to a friend in need.  

Workshops offered:

  1. How to use a drop spindle
  2. Hand painting yarn 
  3. Soap making 
  4. I bought a bag of wool, now what (this can be done 1-on-1 also)
  5. Needle felting (for adults or children)
  6. Making & Decorating dryer balls 
  7. Tie Dye Play Silks
enchantedpoppy5-2 copy25.jpg

Prerequisites: None 

The drop spindle is one of the oldest known spinning tools.  What it lacks in speed, it makes up for in portability,  price and ease! Which is why it's easy to see how this tool has been used for countless generations, and is still being used as a primary spinning tool throughout the world today. 

This 2 hour workshop aims to give students a basic understanding of handspinning fiber and the use of a top whorl drop spindle.  Specifically, you will have the opportunity to:

  • see & feel examples of various spinning fibers
  • learn how to prep wool straight from the sheep to a product you can spin
  • see & feel examples of different preparations of wool fiber (roving, rolags, batts, locks, etc) 
  • an intro into dying wool
  • how a drop spindle works
  • join fibers ends together
  • spin different sizes of yarn 
  • set in the twist and make a skein, and more…


Materials Provided: 

  • A top-whorl drop spindle 
  • 2 oz of prepared fiber 
  • A length of yarn used as a leader