Girls Bathroom Decoration Renovation #beforeandafter

I always say everything happens for a reason.  And if you can just get out of your own head for a moment... step back, wait & listen, 9 times out of 10 there's a lesson to be learned.  So while I wait (rather impatiently) I'm finding the time to focus on the little bits that i've often overlooked in our home.  (i.e. my bedroom, the bathrooms, etc.)  So instead of whining (a lot) I'm trying to focus on other bits around the house and jump back into the many things that I've left by the wayside.  

As such, I was doing #yogafix30 (again) and Lesley read this quote that just shook me.  I have a tweenager who just started middle school and this quote -- THIS QUOTE just sounded like something i wanted her to see,  to hear and FEEL every day.  And though silly...what better place than in the wash room, right in your face every day while you brush your teeth?!?  And so with a lil help from photoshop, I made them this canvas.  I can't wait to see it up with the fun "peaches" shower curtain and our vintage 50's peach tile.   



And for fun - here's the before.  I'll be back to post the after photos as soon as I get it picture perfect!