Having a shitty Day? #tween #tweenproblems

But lets be real...I may have asked the question on the web with my tween in mind, but I know i'll be utilizing this list as much as anyone.  After all - i'm not only human but i'm a tween mom too!  

So to set the stage, G was trying out for volleyball.  49 kids, 18 spots and an insane lil community of overachievers.  Combo in a mom who's like no i won't hire you a personal coach for 6th grade try-outs and you have a sad child.  I expected as much.  She's a great athlete, but the numbers just weren't in her favor.  

What i didn't foresee was the absolute heartache of every other child there having a friend to run back to.  Weather to celebrate or sniffle - everyone had a hand to hold.  A friend to tell them it would be ok.  My girl - on day 4 in a new school - just went to the locker room alone to sob.  upon hearing this, I was broken.  

My (not so) lil one has a soul as deep and sensitive as the ocean and while I typically live under a 'suck it up buttercup' mantra.  I can recognize that sometimes, it may not be the best approach to sensitive parenting.   And so... I did what any mom in her 30's would do.  I took the internet and asked my other hippy mama friends what can i do?!?!  And this lovely list was born.  

Dr. Lisa a close friend and accomplished family chiropractor told me "Dance Party!!! Seriously though, any kinda exercise/physical movement (especially fast or hard movement) resets hormones, turns off the crappy ones, and reboots the parasympathetic Nervous system which is what you want! That’s why “eating” helps people feel better because digesting food turns on the PNS as well, but for shorter periods and as you know, creates not so great food habits."  

Another Mama reminded me these are her battles to process.  "Hug them and let them process on their own. They need to be present to their experiences and feelings."  

There was even a recommendation for the Wheel of Awareness meditation - which while it seems a bit advanced for my girl, it reminded me of our ever favorite sparkle stories.

And then there were a whole list of fun ideas that resonated with me.  

And so, with that - i leave you our list.  But mostly, i post so i can actually find it when i need it.  Cause you know... #momlife 

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