What does hand-edited REALLY mean?

So 25 days after starting this blog post - i officially gave up. i mean reading is soooo 2006 right?!? And so I put on my big girl panties, shoved all personal insecurities aside and made my first vlog! Hellooo nerve wracking experience. However now that the first one is officially DONE ~ I’m so.damn.excited to share more! My goal is to really keep it a a vlog. I’m not going to worry about editing and making the videos awesome. Those marketing pieces will come soon enough. But till then — Please let me know what other topics you might be interested in.

In this video, Jenn of Enchanted Poppy explains what hand editing means to her and why it's an important part of the family portrait & newborn portrait experience. Does you photographer still use photoshop or just lightroom alone?