Senior Portraits: Class of 2020

Every year now we vacation in the Georgian Bay. Technically its a ‘fishing camp’ thats over 100 years old. But really, its a family camp. And a great on at that. We’ve only been going for a few years but ever since day 1 we’ve been warmly welcomed as much as the families that have been going for generations…yes generations. It’s not a fancy place, but what it does, it does perfectly.


One of the best parts of these trips are the families you spend time with. I think it takes a special kind of family to want to travel to the lake district of Canada where it can be a bit chilly and you’re completely disconnected from the rest of the world. Add on worms, rustic cabins, a ping pong table and outhouses and you have a beautiful subset of humans.

One of these amazing humans is Tess. She’s worked here for the past few summers and in that time we’ve loved getting to know her & her family. Her little sisters are friends with my daughters and her parents are always quick to help us navigate the waters and engage us when we knew nobody else. And as it’s the summer before Tess’s senior year I was honored when they asked me to take ‘a few’ photographs around the island.


I always love these island sessions because more times than not - they’re pretty impromptu. No special makeup, not even your favorite outfits. It’s just the island and you. And really…isn’t that enough?!?

Thanks again Tess & Terri - I appreciate you giving me this opportunity to combine two things I love and I wish you the happiest and safest and most amazing senior year!!!